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Shipping & Returns

UPS Monday to Friday. Delivery times are subject to change, both in the morning and the afternoon. It can be performed on Saturday according to the destination. If delivery of the customer absent, the carrier will leave a message in the delivery point delivery pending notification package. Courier will be two delivery attempts: if unsuccessful, the customer will be contacted. Therefore it is very important that the phone number - home or mobile - is correct, so that communications are quick and setbacks can be solved efficiently.

The express status messages delivered to customers by email. This service, if the automatic email field is correctly completed the order process. You should not enter a PO Box in the address bar, because the courier does not meet the delivery.

Transport costs depend on the country of destination and package weight / volume. Customers will be able to see the total amount payable before confirming the order.

Within 24 hours following the beginning of the sequence of the packaging process it is recorded. Therefore, delivery of work in the next 48-72 hours in Europe and within three business days or more in countries of the European Union. Delays in delivery by a courier service (EPI SRL will not be responsible) the issues raised by the work, because the items ordered, temporarily or for reasons of force majeure. If this is true, when I spent eight working days (except Saturday and Sunday), please contact Customer Service

For deliveries to countries outside the EU, prices and taxes may apply. Additional tax charges must be transparent packaging at customs, they will be paid in full by the recipient.

If the customer refuses the goods, or the delivery is impossible for any reason (wrong recipient address or phone number, repeat the recipient is not available for other reasons) responsible for the following: Delivery + benefits + gap deklarations goods returned goods. The total amount will be charged to the recipient. Only he will be refunded the value of the goods.

Taxes and fees can vary from country to country destination charge when goods. For more information about the information and clearance, please contact your local customs office.

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